Saturday, May 30, 2015

First Time

Mark loves being naked, and loves to show off.  He's a true exhibitionist.  He's never touched a guy before but wanted to push his limits.  He pushed.  He loved it.  I've shot him a few times since.  Always a great guy to put in front of the camera.

Dying to Bust Free

I've known Chris for years.  Straight as can be, but he loves being naked.  I love shooting him wet.  I guess he got turned on a bit because without even touching it, he blew a massive load.  I was quite impressed!

My Favorite Cock

I shot this guy a few times.  What a cock!  From base to head it's perfect.  Too bad he's straight.  And, he's become a good friend actually.

Shower Time

While traveling out West, this guy answered my ad for a model search.  He was 6'6" tall, very shy in person, but very forthcoming in front of the camera.  Super nice straight kid.

An Afternoon with a Go Go Boy

I met this go-go guy and we hit it off.  He wanted some new photos and wanted them when he didn't have to be completely manscaped.  He was a lot of fun to shoot, and was completely comfortable.  The entire series I shot of him came out perfectly.