Friday, June 19, 2015

Felipe Part 3

I didn't want to put this into Black and White.  It NEEDS to be seen in color!

Felipe Part 2

Here's the second part of Felipe's shoot.  Ahhh memories!

Felipe Part 1

At San Diego Comic Con I met this latino/white mix kid who really had a great sense of himself.  He was straight but also was really into having some male on male attention.  It was BRUTALLY hot during the shoot (almost 100 degrees) and the air condition in the rental house was broken.  We were sweating our asses off, literally.  He was a great sport and super hot.  One of my favorite shoots.

Getting a Grip on It

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TIMBER in the Exumas

So about a year and a half ago my fiancĂ© and I were stranded in the Exuma Islands during that ridiculously fucking cold ice chill that took over the entire midwest and east coast of America.  I mean, come on, -50 degrees F???  Way too cold for me!  But... as I said, we were stranded in the Exumas which are islands in the Bahamas.  We were on a private island at a yacht club (if you ever have seen the video for Pitbull & Ke$ha's video for TIMBER it's the Staniel Cay Yacht Club they feature and all the beach scenes with the sharks and swimming pigs.  Here's the link to the video:  Really wasn't a bad place to be stranded to escape the extreme cold for the holidays!  While there this yacht hand was there stuck  overnight with no place to stay, so we befriended him (it WAS New Year's Eve after all!) and somehow he ended up sleeping on our porch with sharks swimming about 8 inches below him, passed out drunk.  Anyway, I thought he was adorable and figured I'd ask him if he wanted to eventually pose for me.  I snapped off a few photos really quickly (that's why these aren't posed or finished photos) and was supposed to shoot him (he was into it) back on the mainland, but we haven't connected yet.

You guys think I should reach out and try and do a shoot with him?  I still chat him up every now and then.  What do you guys think?

Here are his raw quick iPhone photos I snapped.

I love how it hung when soft.  He was totally soft and not at all excited here.  Mind you, he was walking around in board shorts all day with no underwear.  EVERYONE noticed.

Here he was getting a bit of some excitement happening.  He was still hung over but it was working.

Almost ready to walk the plank.

Just about there...

Ready for action, Captain!


Hey guys!  Have been traveling for work the last few days so haven't been online for a bit.  To make up for my absence, here's a color and B&W of one of my models for you to enjoy on this super hot Monday!